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Facial Boutique at Salon16
 Salon16 is renowned for result driven facials, working with Germaine De Capuccini has allowed them to evolve with the most revolutionary advances in the world of skin. From Gylcolic acids to Laser resurfacing to Filler-net masks. 
Hydration Facial: €60
moisture into skin
Acne Facial: €60
oily problem
Gylcolic Acid Facial: €70
resurface, pigment damage, vein, roughness
Hyaluronic Facial: €75
ultra moisture, filler effect, plumping skin

Laser Resurfacing: €75
Collagen regrowth stimulation
evening out skin


Vector 3 Facial: €80
Firmness & density (neck) lifting facial

Teen Facial: €30
Menopause Facial Treatment:€60
(age 45 and upwards)
This is the time when the skin changes. The skin is warmer, the collagen is no longer in production due to lack of estrogen. The muscles in the face turn to lose fat and firmness is gone, folds and lines appear and can be upsetting.

(consultation with Val & Facial)

Seasonal Combination Cocktail Facial
This amazing combination of Glycolic, IPL and
Microdermoxine in a 3 in 1 treatment.
For the client who really wants to see results and quickly.
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