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Tan Boutique
Organic, Odourless, Paraben Free, Natural, Streak Free Tans
"The A List Tan's"

"Millions Use It, Celebritys Love It"
Sunfx Original-Beautiful warm toned natural looking tan 
Sunfx Aloe vera-Ideal forsensitive, dryer skins & mature skins
Sunfx Chocolate Carribean-Rich velvet tan, ideal for all skin types
A natural golden, streak free tan Ideal for all skin types
Full Body Tan  €25
Half Body Tan  €20


Things you need to know to get the best tan...........
Exfoliate and keep the skin really moisturised coming up to tan application
DO NOT moisturise on day of tan
DO NOT apply deodrant or any perfumed products day of tan
DO NOT wax or shave day of getting your tan done and not after tan
BRING loose clothes & Flip flops to wear after tan
Shower 24 hours after tan
Keep the tan well moisturised to get time out of your tan
DO NOT wear bra after tan
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